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Madison County's 7th Annual International Festival

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

They say America is a melting pot, well today we got a look at just how much of melting pot it really is right here in Madison County.

Originally from Poland these two members of the Polish American Society traveled from Memphis to be a part of the international festival. Shelby County Residents (Polish American Society) stated, “this is an absolutely amazing event to just show our origins and meet a mixture of people from all different countries. We are proud to represent Poland where we are originally from.”

The Madison County Library joined the festivities. With an art exhibit to promote literacy and diversity in the community. Shayne Plunk (Jackson Madison County Librarian) informed us, “the library is all about literacy of all kinds. That includes being knowledgeable of different cultures and heritages especially the arts.”

The arts were not the only part of this festival that brought people together. The music, food, and performances gave residents a taste of different cultures. Eduardo Morales (Co-Chair of International Festival) told 39 News, “it brings unity to our people. It brings respect. It kind of minimizes the hate. Also, it brings business.”

And business it did bring. This Guatemalan business received tons of new customers because of the exposure.

Alex Selpa (Guatemala Tierra de tradiciones y custumbres Employee) emphasized, “it was so beautiful. I’m so excited, it’s a lot of new people. I’m so happy. It’s a lot of new people. Good food. The kids, the families together.”

Madison County residents were thrilled to just be amongst people again after a year of lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. Takeisha Wellington (Madison County Resident) stated, “I’m telling you it was amazing to see all the people come out being that the pandemic has really crushed a lot of stuff. Having the international festival come back today really brought the crowd out which was really a good thing.”

Performing in front of crowds was nothing new to this group. Making appearances at Madison County African Street Festival and the bicentennial celebration they like many other performers were so excited to show their talents in front of a large crowd again. Fred Sanders (Musician) stated, “it feels good just to be out amongst people again doing what you love. I couldn’t ask to be anywhere else.”

This will not be your last time seeing this group. The next stop for them is... Carita Cole (Singer & Songwriter) stated, “TOUR. The Carita Cole recognition tour. You’ll be seeing us soon.”

Co-chair of the international festival wants to encourage viewers to never stop chasing their dreams. This event which was once a dream for him is now one of Madison County’s most anticipated events. Eduareo Morales (Co-Chair of International Festival) informed us, “if you have a dream and you work on your dream then you can achieve it. You can achieve your dream and everything can be possible. One day I had a dream to make this festival and see all the cultures together. It is happening now.

Makayla Davis

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