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Madison County Residents React to Last Night's Snow

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Last night we experienced about three inches of snow. While this weather is something many southern natives are not use to Madison County residents tell us how they are surviving this winter weather. Annette Denton and Dora Woody both work in the hub city and travel about an hour to work each day. Both residents have decided to book a hotel to avoid the icy roads. Dora Woody (resident) stated, “I’m a nurse at a clinic that does dialysis here in West Tennessee, and I needed to come to work in the morning, so my job paid for me to come stay.”

After residents in Virginia were stranded for over 24 hours this week, Madison County residents are preparing for the worst-case scenario. Like Dora, Annette took precautions today to make sure she’s ready to head back to work in the morning. Annette Denton (resident) informed us, “I have a deicer in my car and water and all that kind of stuff in my car. In case I got stranded.”

Whenever snow hits residents are always taken by storm. Annette Denton (resident) stated, “We’re not use to it, because it doesn’t happen that often. “And while the snow is fun to play in, residents are already ready for the warm weather again. Dora Woody (resident) explained, “the snow is beautiful. The ice not so much. But i am a warm weather girl. I would prefer worm weather to come on.”

Bundle up because temperatures are expected to drop again tonight.

Makayla Davis

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