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Madison County Resident Turns 100

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Miss Agnes Idella Owens took family and friends back in time last night, to the 1920’s celebrating her 100th birthday. Loved ones came out in their best roaring 20’s attire and showered her with love. Summer Owens (Granddaughter) stated, “she’s just a blessing and a living testimony. The fact that she is here and she got through what she got through, and that’s the only reason we are here, because she persevered through really hard times in her life.”

Mrs. Owens is a native of Bolivar, TN. In her early years she moved to Memphis where she attended Booker T. Washington High School and, in 1944 she dropped out due to the passing of her father. In 2014 the school honored her with on honorary diploma on her 92nd birthday. Granddaughter Tanisha Owens stated she’s so grateful to still have her grandmother. Tanisha Owens (Granddaughter) informed us, “I just believe that there were some things that she wanted to see and that’s why she’s still here”

Granddaughter Summer Owens helped her grandmother tell her life story in her memoir “Look Who Done Came Up The Slip: A Century Of Stories From My Life. Summer Owens (Granddaughter) explained, “I helped her write a book about her life, and she talks about how she had to walk on crutches and still had to work in the field on crutches.”

Through the ups and downs her grandchildren wanted to let her know they will never forget the impact she has held in their lives. Tanisha Owens (Granddaughter) explained, “they took care of us in this house in bolivar and I just remember some of the things we were going through at the house, but I enjoyed being there with them.” Summer Owens (Granddaughter) told 39 news, “I had my son when I was 15-years-old, and I credit her in large part of being able to beat the statistics that teen moms face.”

We asked Mrs. Agnes how she managed to age so beautifully, and she stated… Agnes Idella “Dorothy” Owens (100th Birthday) stated, “well do the best you can and thank the lord.”

Makayla Davis

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