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JACKSON, Tenn.- Madison County Jail has gained some major upgrades! Recent renovations has allowed them to add new medical facilities, cells, educational areas, and a kitchen! Director of Operations Jeff Wall was able to provide details about the new space.

“Well besides the better conditions, working conditions, and living conditions that the new facility is going to provide. the new facility also allows for better programs. Both programs and things of that nature to be able to try to reduce recidivism.”

Recidivism is defined as the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend. Jeff explains that creating new programs was one of the main goals of the new facility. He says that many community members were supportive of the Jail Ministry program.

“We had a jail orientation just a couple nights ago where we had over 60 members of the community who are interested in being a part of the jail ministry that came and watched, and they are eager to start the process.”

Director Jeff says that the new facility should start its transitioning phase in about 3-4 weeks.

“Basically we’re going to take two of the housing units and move inmates into those housing units, along with the current employees that we have in order to be able to start that moving phase”

The Madison County jail project started in 2018 and cost around 51 million dollars to complete. Director Jeff Walls hopes that the new facility will improve the livelihood and safety of both the inmates and staff.

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