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Madison County Fire Department Gives Back

JACKSON, Tenn.- The Jackson Fire Department is giving back to the community! Members of the fire department are installing smoke detectors and reflective signs in Madison County.

It allows first responders to be better able to locate these homes in case of an emergency.”

Fire Inspector Brian Kemp explains how you can get an address sign for your home.

“So, in order to get the sign from the Madison County fire department, you call our fire department dispatch at 731-424-5577.”

Free smoke detectors are also available to the community.

“We install those for our residents in Madison County and you can get those by calling the same number as you call for the sign. they're free. they're provided by the state of Tennessee through the “Get Along Tennessee" program. We'll be glad to come out to your home and install those smoke detectors for you,” explains Kemp.

The idea started several years ago as a fundraiser for the department. It was so well received by the community that the department plans to continue the tradition of keeping Jackson safe for years to come.

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