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Madison County 6th Annual Veterans Day Parade

Jackson, TN (WNBJ)-

The West Tennessee Veterans Coalition, the Veterans Day Program Committee, the City of Jackson, and Madison County all came together on Saturday to host the 6th annual Veterans Day Parade. People from across West Tennessee came out to honor and celebrate our veterans. Patricia Caldwell (Madison County Resident) stated, “I don’t think I’ve missed one.”

The parade began with a special visit from the U.S. Army National Guard and Vanderbilt Life Flight. State Sen. Ed Jackson ( (R) 27th District) told 39 News, “the black hawk helicopter from the unit out here in McKellar airport and just so much going on praising and thanking our veterans for their service.”

Both the Lane College and the Northside Marching bands seemed to be crowd favorites. What was your favorite float? I might be able to guess from this mask. Brenda brown (Madison County Residents) & Nancy Brown (South Bend, Indiana) emphasized, “I love bands. It was beautiful, the whole parade was beautiful. It was just gorgeous it really was. We missed lane college this year and, we were definitely looking forward to being here for the Veterans Day Parade.” Philip Moore (Veteran) stated, “Lane College comes stomping” Chris Wellington SR. and JR. (Madison County Residents) told 39 news, “my favorite one was northside marching band. Yeah, the band really caught my eye.”

Patricia Caldwell is thrilled to see how the Veterans Day Parade in Jackson continues to grow. I hear this is one of the biggest one yet. Do you agree? Patricia Caldwell (Madison County Resident) informed us, “ohh, it was much bigger and so beautiful. This was really a good parade. The other one was just a few trucks, a real disappointment.”

While just about everyone enjoyed the parade, some hope it will last a little longer next year. Brenda Brown (Madison County Residents) & Nancy Brown (South Bend, Indiana) stated, “wonderful…. It was very nice I really really enjoyed it. Looking forward to it. Just wasn’t long enough. I needed just a little bit more. But above all, it was really nice.”

And everyone we talked to at Saturday’s parade agreed it was a great tribute to the men and women who have sacrificed so much to serve our country.

Makayla Davis

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