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Madison Co. Fire Department gives public safety tips for heating your home during winter

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The Madison County Fire Department wants to give the public some safety tips on heating your home during the winter months.

The department says within the last two weeks they have responded to two house fires relating to heating issues.

The Madison County Fire Department says heating sources are the number two leading causes of fires in the home and they want everyone to do everything they can to prevent house fires.

“So, on average each year, we probably respond to about 10 home fires related to heating sources. That could be anything from an electric heater kicking on with furniture nearby. So, it is really important to clear off those areas so that you have at least three feet from that heating source,” said Anna Kate Craig, the Community Risk Reduction Coordinator with the Madison County Fire Depart.

The department also recommends you clean your chimneys at least once a season because the build-up of substances inside your chimney could start a fire.

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