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Madison Academic Soccer Team Heads to Nashville for Superintendent's Gold Ball Bash

JACKSON, Tn.-One School in Jackson is celebrating a state championship win in a BIG way.

The Madison Academic Boys soccer team headed to Nashville this morning to participate in the Superintendent's Gold Ball Bash. This is a trip sponsored by Dr. Marlon King in celebration of Madison's state championship win over Alcoa back in May.

“We really do appreciate Dr. King for letting us go to this ball bash. This is a big reward for them. We have some senior center students leaving for college next week. So, you know, one last time they get to stay together, celebrate… and pretty soon we'll be having them back on campus sometime this fall for the ring celebration.” explained Chad Guthrie, Principal.

The 2022 West Tennessee boys' soccer player of the year Donavon Pruitt explains how this is the perfect way to end his final high school season.

“This just means a lot. You know, I'm glad we were able to, you know, go as a team and they're going to celebrate our state championship, you know, probably our last go round together before we all split up. And, you know, I'm excited for what the team can do next year. And I'm also excited to start my college journey.” said Donavan Pruitt, Senior.

Returning sophomore Harry Rowland is excited to be celebrating this championship and looks forward to training for the next one.

“Just the same thing as last year, work every practice, stay extra hours, it's just the team. No matter how many people we lose, we're still a team and that's just good to come back to.” said Harry Rowland, Sophomore.

The Gold Ball Bash will consist of a 2 Day- 3 Night stay in Nashville. Activities include a park tour, pool time, food, and golfing! The school district explains activities like these are meant to improve climate and culture and increase interest and support around athletics.

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