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Madison Academic High School starts new year in new building

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - 'The Mustangs have moved in' at Madison Academic. Students and staff at Madison Academic High School opened the doors to a new building this semester.

“As a student body, we are all super excited,” said Millie Treadway, a senior at Madison Academic High School.

Millie Treadway, a senior at Madison Academic explaining what she loves about the new building.

“I love the way it looks. I think that everything is really cool and obviously it’s a big change from our old building and the architecture. It is really nice to have lots of natural lighting. The windows are huge. I think everyone enjoys it,” said Treadway.

The principal at Madison Academic says the students were really eager to start school this semester.

“It’s nice, it’s warm, it's open! That first day the students were just very, very excited. I’ve never had students arrive at 6:10 in the morning to be at school. They just wanted to be in the parking lot,” said Chad Guthrie, the principal at Madison Academic High School.

Guthrie also talks about the benefits of the new campus.

“The location is great, being right here on the campus of the University of Memphis and our partnership will be a great benefit to our students. We are really wanting to grow our partnership with the University of Memphis. Last semester, I think we had 89 students in dual-enrollment, and we want to increase that each year.” said Principal Guthrie.

The principal says another big improvement is that every biology and chemistry teacher has their own lab.

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