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Made in TN: WHMC Guns


W.H.W.C guns here in Humboldt has been preserving the old gun shop feel for 50 years.

Walter McClanahan first opened this gun shop in 1972 with his personal collection of guns, and over the years it grew to the business it is now.

In 2016 McClanahan retired and lance sheerer took over.

Lance Sheerer WHMC Gun owner said, "Walter spent about two years, two and a half years mentoring me, teaching me and me being a watch him work and watch how we thought about the business and how he thought about customers.”

Sherrer believes part of the shop's secret to success is preserving history and tradition, “Being able to reproduce that old time gun shop feel, having gun smiths and being able to enjoy kids getting their first gun and have their first hunt,” Sherrer said.

And for Sheerer "family ties" are an important part of his business, “We've been here now for over 50 years and four generations that we've been able to have them bring their kids in, to buy them, grow up, have families and bring their kids in,” Sherrer said.

WHMC sells guns, ammunition and accessories. They also offer gun repairs, cleaning and modifications

At this gun shop, they feature a lot of products that are "Made in TN."

“One of the things that we love celebrating is the products that are made in Tennessee… a lot of people don't know the quality manufacturing that goes on here in Tennessee, even local people,” said Sherrer.

Sheerer feels it's his loyal customer who are responsible for keeping the gun shop going so strong for so long, “it's really humbling to see people come in and support us continue to for 50 years. For me to be able to continue that legacy and to honor what Walters built and done. It's been very humbling to see the community respond to that,” Sherrer said.

WHMC gun shop will celebrate its 50th birthday this Friday and Saturday, from nine to five. They promise plenty of sales, and a lot of manufacturers on hand to explain their products and answer any questions.

“WHMC, made in Tennessee”

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