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Made in TN: Peppermint Addie and Co.

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Owning a restaurant has been a dream of Addison’s since she was little. At the age of 14 she has turned her dream into a reality. Addison Richmond (Owner) stated, “it’s a lot of experience in doing it. I’m just really happy and excited to be doing it. It’s been my dream for a long time.”

Peppermint Addie’s aims to show a younger generation they can achieve anything with a plan and the support of loved ones. Addison’s older cousin Jayla Key, who is a cashier at Peppermint Addie, has seen firsthand how far Addison’s plan has taken her. Jayla Key (Cashier) informed 39 news, “even though it’s a lot of stuff that’s holding young people back from being able to start a business I feel like it starts off by you working first and you saving up your own money even if nobody out here trying to help you.”

Luckily for Addison she has had a lot of support from her family and the community in kick starting her business. Like LaShawn Jones who has become a loyal customer. LaShawn Jones (Customer) emphasized, “this is my third time. My grandkids have to come here every Tuesday. So, I wanted to come with my cousin today this is her first time.”

Addison might have made a new loyal customer of Renetta Beard as well. Renetta Beard (Customer) stated, “this is fantastic.” Impressed by the work ethic and delicious tastes of the food, beard told 39 news she will definitely be supporting this young entrepreneur. Renetta Beard (Customer) told 39 news, “at the age of 14 no one is really, first of all trying to work. Developing and coming up with a vision of your own business and making that dream come true. That is like it’s awesome.”

The name Peppermint Addie has a funny backstory Addison Richmond (Owner) informed us, “so my name is Addie but when I was little on the way to church I stuck a peppermint up my nose, and ever since then my brother and sister have been calling me Peppermint Addie.” Addison took her family nick name and turned it into a money maker for herself and her family, that’s why Peppermint Addie’s is this week’s Made in Tennessee.

Makayla Davis

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