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Made in TN: Jamaican and African Cuisine

Jackson, TN.

Jamaican and African Cuisine has Jackson residents buzzing. With people traveling far and wide for a taste of this Caribbean delight. They have been around for about five years now but recently moved to a new location on Vann Drive. We spoke with the owner about how business has increased since the move. Joseph Kabre told us, “In this location we really like it. It’s more exposure and a good location, other than Cater House Drive. We love it.”

Kabre went on to inform us what the top sellers were. (Joseph Kabre) “The jerked chicken and the oxtail are the most popular. Those two fight with each other to take the first place. Oxtail, jerked chicken, curry goat, fried plantain, and rice and beans. Those are very popular.”

If you need your meal delivered or want catering for a special event worry not. Joseph Kabre stated, “other companies do delivery for us like: Grub Hub, Door Dash, and Waitr. We deal with these three companies. Catering- yes we do catering.”

As his clientele continues to grow Kabre wants to encourage more residents to bring an empty belly and tasteful taste buds to his restaurant to try his Caribbean food.

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