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Made in Tennessee: York Laine Boutique

Alaina McKinney and Brooke Hinson began their journey of being business owners four years ago, not knowing how far they would come.

“We’ve had so many ups and downs and now we are on the up that goodness, but its been fun for sure," says McKinney and Hinson.

After opening their first store front in north Jackson they constantly had women of all ages coming through their doors.

They wanted to make sure that every customer left with something they felt proud of wearing.

“We carry clothes for if you are in high school all the way up to being a mom, I mean we’re moms," says the owners.

In 2020, the business owners took a chance of expanding their store during the pandemic. Both Alaina and Brooke say it really helped them learn more about the business.

“Really dig deep in the creative process of trying to sell stuff. We had to get really better at social media, yes," they add.

But they are thankful for the journey.

McKinney and Brooke say, “I think sometimes we need to be pinched a little bit because I don’t think it seems real. I don’t think we ever thought that we’d have a beautiful store like this and we would grow at the pace that we are growing.”

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