Made in Tennessee with WHMC Guns

Inside of WHMC Guns, buyers can purchase firearms for protection, for hunting, and they can also purchase a piece of history.

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The nearly 50-year-old business located in Humboldt was previously owned by a man named Walter H. McClanahan.

“So Walter had a love for antique guns, rare guns, guns that had been iconic in American history,” said Lance Sherer, the owner of WHMC Guns.

Some of those items include a 30 caliber n1 carbine and a 30 m 601 garand. These cannons were used in one of the most important wars in history.

“These are both riffles from WWII, these are what our boys carried overseas, saluting on the beaches in Normandy,” said Nick Piazza, an employee at WHMC Guns.

Piazza believes if those riffles could talk, they would say a lot.

“These are very sought after collectors rifles. alot of people love to have a piece of history like this. if these rifles could speak you don’t who carried them, or where they were carried or what they’ve seen,” said Piazza.

Throughout the entire store, there about 1200 pieces in-house.

Sherer bought WHMC about 5 years ago. After spending 15 years as a professor, he saw an opportunity to own WHMC and took it.

“I had a love for guns, loved the history of WHMC guns, what it stood for and what Walter had built here,” said Sherer.

Sherer says a lot of their firearms are produced in the state and he is proud to support local biz owners.

“We’ve been fortunate to be able to provide, firearms that are made here in Tennessee. it is important to support other local entrepreneurs,” said Sherer.

Sherer is an entrepreneur himself and WHMC is one of the five businesses he owns. He says that making an impact on families is one of the greatest rewards.

“It’s been amazing to get to know people and hear their stories, it’s fantastic because we have families who come in and buy their kids their first guns. we get pictures and stories about how they shot their first dear or their first duck.”

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