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Made in Tennessee with Stanfill Enterprises

The nearly 60-year-old establishment started out as a fertilizing company by a man named Max Stanfill.

“Actually Max Stanfill, the owner at the time brought a new era of fertilization to West Tennessee,” said Brent Mayfield.

Mr. Stanfill was the first individual to bring new technology to the state of Tennessee.

In the early ’90s, max and his son Gary Stanfill decided to move into the direction of freight for hire. for the past few years, the company has been under new ownership.

“I have been owner going on about three years and I’ve been with the company for five now,” said Mayfield, who is the current owner.

Mayfield came in as a manager and worked his way up.

“So, I was hired as the logistics manager, and then from there, i played a significant role in the increase of the company, and from there took over as owner and president and purchased the company about three years ago,” said Mayfield.

For Mayfield, owning a trucking company came as a surprise after working in the factory industry.

“I never saw myself coming to a trucking company and never saw myself being the owner of a trucking company. but it’s been a good transition and I’ve enjoyed it.”

After transitioning into the trucking businesses, Mayfield developed a high appreciation for truck drivers because the vehicles carry a large amount of weight.

“We’re hauling typically right around 80,000 pounds thats all the truck combined. I’ve learned that over time, give these guys room. make sure, if they do something wrong, don’t get aggravated. it’s a big piece of equipment.”

Mayfield has a word of advice for aspiring business owners.

“Don’t be scared to take that first step. Even for myself, you know, I wasn’t sure that I could do it. You just have to know in heart and mind, you can do it,” said Mayfield.

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