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Made in Tennessee with Highland Place B&B

Today’s Made in Tennessee featured Highland Place B&B, a Bed and Breakfast where guests come for an intimate stay in the heart of downtown Jackson.

In 1911 a book salesman named Mr. Lewis built a historic colonial mansion at 519 North Highland avenue. About thirty years ago, the estate turned into a travel destination.

“In 1989 is when it was converted into a bed and breakfast. Since then, there have been three bed and breakfast owners,” said Sheree Williams, the current owner of Highland Place B&B.

Sheree Williams is the current owner and bought the home when she moved to Jackson four years ago. Williams is an active duty member of the Navy with a love for history.

“So I was really setting out to look for a historic home that I could use for retirement, kind of like a forever home,” said Williams.

Williams’s realtor introduced her to the bed and breakfast, and she willingly took on the tasks of homeowner and hostess.

The mansion is about 5,000 square feet with sitting rooms, five bedrooms, a dining area, and of course, a fully equipped kitchen. one of the most loved areas is the parlor.

“Historically, parlors are the areas where most individuals would entertain in their homes,” said Williams.

Williams says this is a good place for people to hangout for a change of scenery. Guests can engage in music as the room is equipped with a piano and a record player.

“We do encourage our guests if they’re musically inclined to go ahead and take part in playing the piano. We have an extensive collection of Jazz records that we invite our guests to utilize on the record player,” said Williams.

As Williams and I stood inside the “Lewis” room, she shared why travelers prefer bed and breakfast over a traditional hotel.

Sheree Williams-Current Owner of Highland Place Bed and Breakfast

“Bed and breakfasts are intimate. They are small establishments, small boutique hotels.”

According to Williams, more people are willing to stay at a bed and breakfast than a traditional hotel during the pandemic because there is less foot traffic.

One of her goals is to make her guests feel like family.

“What we have really learned to do is pretty much gather all those who we come in contact with and make them feel like family,” said Williams.

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