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Made in Tennessee with Creations by Cara-Anne

For today’s Made in Tennessee, I stopped by Sew Many Ideas to hang out with a business owner who makes handmade pieces.

“I run Creations by Cara Anne, and it’s a home-based business. I officially started last year,” said Cara-Anne Phillips who is the owner of Creations by Cara Anne.

When face coverings became popular during the pandemic, she saw that as an opportunity for entrepreneurship.

“I was making masks, well I had several volunteers helping me. And we made over a thousand shows, and I was getting more and more requests. I said, okay, it’s just time to make it official, create a website and make it a real business,” said Phillips.

Even though Phillips started her business a year ago, she’s been sewing since childhood. as a homeschooled student, she learned the skill from a parent in her local community.

“And I would make clothes for my dolls, my dollhouse-sized dolls, and costumes for when we would do plays.”

Outside of making masks, she still makes clothes for dolls, soup bowl cozies, quilts, and weighted blankets which are dear to her heart.

“I have a child with sensory processing disorder as well as a niece with sensory issues. So I love sewing things like weighted blankets and sensory items for them; those things are dear to my heart,” said Phillips.

Phillips likes to work and shop at Sew Many Ideas because of the good quality fabrics.

“ I like high-quality quilt shop fabrics. There are so many options and so many brands of fabrics that are very well made here.”

As of now, all of Phillip's products can be found online, but in the future, Phillips hopes to sell more products in stores.

“I have a few things available here at Sew Many Ideas, so just hoping to get out there a little bit more.”

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