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Made in Tennessee with an update on The Coffee Shop in Humboldt

The Coffee Shop on Mainstreet opened a little over two years ago, and last year, the coronavirus made its debut striking businesses.

“We did have two covid shutdowns. one was mandated, and unfortunately, we did not have enough foot traffic for takeout,” said Tammy Causie.

Causie, the co-owner of the coffee shop, says they ended 2020 with a bang.

“But through them both, and the end of the year 2020 ended on such a sweet blessing from the lord. We were able to meet our obligations to pay our team members and serve our customers safely,” said Causie.

That same trend continues as the coffee shop staff get ready for the holiday that celebrates love.

“Well, actually, we are very excited to say we are, for the third year straight, doing our third annual reservation only steak dinner,” said Causie.

They only had a few seatings available, and those spaces are running out.

“We had a total of four seatings that we were booking, and we had one seating left,” said Causie.

Guests can choose between a filet mignon or a chicken breast dinner.

Causie says locals and others from surrounding areas stop by because they are local and they’re recognized by name.

“At the coffee shop, you’re not a number; you’re a name.”

The Coffee Shop in Humboldt is Made in Tennessee.

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