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Made in Tennessee with Americana Kitchen and Grille

Here in East Jackson, a restaurant has a mission to honor our united state’s veterans while serving food that is suitable good for the soul.

“When Americana Kitchen and Grille was formulated, it wanted to Honor America through its food and wanted to bring soul food to East Jackson,” said Giovonnt’e Baker, the head chef, and kitchen manager.

Before they opened, Chef Baker says there were plenty of fast food places but not enough soul food, and there was a need in east Jackson for a casual dining restaurant.

“And Americana wanted to do that as well as honoring its veterans its police officers, the EMT workers,” said Baker.

As guests come in, they will notice photos of local law enforcement officers and veterans hanging on the walls.

“Alot of law enforcement officers come in, and they often walk the walls because there are pictures of local law enforcement officers, not stock photos,” said Baker.

All veterans and law enforcement workers receive a discount.

The restaurant opened in February of 2020 and is co-owned by a native of Tennessee and a graduate of Lane College. After working at Mcdonald’s for 17 years and some of those years as a manager, Vanity Butler decided it was time to move on.

“Actually, my sister and my mom knew the other owner,” said Butler.

Using a connection between family and friends, butler went from managing fast food to co-owning a restaurant.

“And so I was offered the position as co-owner and to run the restaurant. It is a blessing that someone thought of me enough to say, hey, I think you’d be a good fit.”

Butler and Baker also go a long way back as they are college classmates. They work as a good team coming up with menu items and recipes. They even have a bestseller.

“I want to say one of the best dishes I know we have here is the catfish. We have people who come and get catfish four and five times a week,” said Baker.

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