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Made in Tennessee: Ward Grove Christmas Tree Farm


The story of this madison county Christmas tree farm begins way back in the 1800s.

“The farm has been in my husband’s family since the early 1820s, he’s the seventh generation of his family to live in madison county,” said Sue Ward.

But it wasn’t for until the 1980’s that the farm became a Christmas tree farm

That's when Roy and Sue ward moved to Madison county, took over, and converted the family farm

"Planted his first trees in 87, we actually sold a few trees in 89,” Sue said.

Since then, the Ward Grove Christmas tree farm has gone through a few changes,

“Began with selling trees sitting on the wagon, no cabin, no anything, so it's gradually built up over the years. And about 5 years ago we started letting my son-in-law and daughter take over most of the work,” said Sue.

Emily and Robbie Knight run the farm during the holiday season but they also work throughout the year to prepare for Christmastime

“Year-round we take care of the trees and raise them, shear them, mow them, fertilize all that good stuff, and then it's a matter of getting all of the grass mowed down, getting the cabin ready to go, firewood split, and ready, stacked,” said Robbie.

Robbie said growing a Christmas tree is a long process, "It changes by variety, but we say an average of 6-8 years for a 7-foot tree.”

Because of the time involved to grow each tree, they have over 20 acres dedicated to different-sized Christmas trees]

"Selling 500 to 600 trees a year…25000 trees give or take currently growing on the farm,” said Robbie.

Ward Grove Christmas tree farm is not just a place to pick out a tree

“We try to keep it really family-friendly and fun," said Emily.

On weekends that farm has mule wagons that customers can ride on.

After they pick a tree, visitors are treated to free hot chocolate and cider at the cabin, along with a nice warm campfire.

The Knights have added the “Redneck Rocafella” a huge tree that many customers pose for pictures with

Going to Ward Grove to pick out a tree has become a family holiday tradition for some.

“We’ve got people who have come with their kids and now those kids are coming with their kids, we’ve even got had a couple of great-grandkids show up, so it’s been fun to watch the same people come back year after year and enjoy it,” Sue said.

Ward Grove Christmas tree farm, made in Tennessee!

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