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Made in Tennessee: Tri-City Reporter


The Tri-City Reporter has been serving people in Gibson County in some capacity for well over 100 years

"Our papers date back to probably at least the late 1800s and not as the tri-city reporter obviously, but a very transfer of ownership and things like that. We go a long way back," said editor Logan Watson.

Logan Watson is the editor of the Tri-City Reporter, the paper coves Dyer, Rutherford, Kenton and Yorkville

"I would say that probably the biggest news generator is the high schools…you've got sports, you've got things that go on in the classroom. You've got projects that the schools are working on.”

Watson shares one of those high school stories that made it into the paper, “We recently had a story about a kid that had just been welding for four months and he's got a $12,000 scholarship. He's going to go on and study Kentucky and do, you know, skilled trades and welding and it's done well for him.”

It’s those kinds of local human-interest stories that Watson believes make local newspapers great, “You're not going to get the great stories like Marshall Tate that got a $12,000, um, scholarship to a welding college too in, you know, in the, the larger market papers… and you're not going to hear about that, you know, in Nashville, but you'll hear about it here and it's very, it's, it's very important to people in the community.”

The Tri-City Reporter prints about 1,200 papers every Tuesday.

They also publish articles online.

“We have tried to expand our, our online presence and a lot of that is just through facebook, social media and, and interacting with people in the community," Watson said.

Watson believes that the Tri-City Reporter is more than just a weekly newspaper… it's also the best history of Gibson County.

He says people often search the paper for family history and hometown memories.

You can access the past papers at the Gibson Country Memorial Library.

Tri-City Reporter, Made in Tennessee

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