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Made in Tennessee: Third Eye Curiosities

Right in downtown Jackson sits a store full of music. As soon as you walk in you hear the hum of a vinyl on the record player.

“We really believe in the medium of vinyl and keeping music and arts alive and obviously the community really agrees with us. They kept us open through a very tough pandemic," says Hunter Cross, owner of the store.

From main stream vinyl's to niche records and a little bit more Third Eye Curiosities has a lot to offer music lovers.

“We don’t necessarily just cater to a collector, we want people to play the records that they buy. So, the whole thing is like you said, catering to a younger generation that wants to play these records," says Kameron Briley, who also works at the store.

They’ve been open for about three years. The owners saw the need for a brick and mortar record shop in the area and made it happen.

Briley add, “we’re right in the middle of the music triangle so you’ve got Memphis, Nashville, and Florence and us being smack dab in the middle, we’re really the hub city. We get some of the coolest records in here.”

Cross is a musician. He says his passion for music and wanting the younger generations to learn more about it also pushed him to open up the store.

“I really just want to keep music in the hands of young people and past generations that really respect it," says Cross.

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