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Made in Tennessee: Sunset Valley Farms


“We just wanted someplace fun for Henderson County and the surrounding area to come have fun with their families,” says Brian Muetze the owner.

He says it was his daughter who named their farm in Huron, “She picked sunset valley farms because we get beautiful sunsets over the farm.”

Brian and his family moved to West Tennessee a few years ago from outside Chicago, "We do live here on the farm, we have about 270 acres. It's nice being back on the family farm where I came from.”

Brian grew up on a pumpkin patch farm in Illinois. Now he hopes to share that rural experience with the people who visit his sunset valley farms.

“I’d like them to experience a little bit of farm life…I think a lot of people take nature for granted…technology now and screen time people aren’t getting that…the whole family can do it together and it’s a family fun time and not screen time.”

Sunset Valley farms opened in 2019 right before the covid-19 pandemic, “2019 was fairly slow for us we didn’t do school kid tours we just opened, just getting our feet wet…and then we had a big year geared up for 2020…well then covid hit…it was kind of a stressful time to get started in the business, but I see a good light at the end of the tunnel here.”

Sunset valley is open to the public but the farm can also be reserved for special events.Along with the interactive corn mazes, a huge slide, a hayride tour and a playground sunset valley offers homemade donuts and other foods

Including brian’s barbeque that's available for special events at the farm

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