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Made in Tennessee: Seb's shaved Ice

The story of Seb's began when Ronny and his wife Rachel were in highschool

“My wife and I both worked at a shaved ice place in high school, and I had always had the idea that I would want to do that in the summer, I’m a teacher and so when covid hit I had an extra 2 months off… I was going a little crazy at home during quarantine and decided to start up a shaved ice trailer,” says Ronny Cox.

Ronny and Rachel seized the opportunity to pursue their dream. They didn’t want to make their shaved ice business tropical-themed because it’s not true to Jackson.

“Our thought process was why don’t we make one that’s cool that’s authentic to Jackson. We don’t have palm trees in Jackson we don’t have penguins in Jackson, we can make it more original and more unique to our area,” Says Ronny Cox

One of the first steps for the couple was to come up with a name for the business. After a while, Ronny and Rachel decided on Seb's named after their dog, little Sabashtine. It only took about a month for Seb's to go from a concept to a reality. They began serving shaved ice to the community for the summer in May of 2020.

Ronny says they didn’t expect it to take off the way it did but now their back for their second summer

People of all ages go to Seb's to enjoy a refreshing sweet treat. Two friends Landon Bailey and Landon Jones were too busy eating to say much about the shaved ice.

“It’s very good," says Landon Bailey.

You can tell from their faces that they really love Seb's.

Ronnie, Rachel and their employees spend any downtime in the trailer creating new flavors.

Allie Rae Bates has been an employee since Seb's first opened and has created many new flavors.

“I came up with the bomb pop, which was last year, we’re going to have it again on the fourth of July. And it’s like the bomb pop popsicle and it comes with a bomb pop inside the snowball, and then I’ve also come up with the sugar cookie and it tastes just like a sugar cookie," says Bates.

Allie Rae Bates says they can make just about any flavor you want. Seb’s has limited-time flavors, specialty flavors and of course the classics. Seb's is located off of south highland avenue in Jackson (1900 S Highland Ave, Jackson, TN 38301). They are open from noon to eight Monday through Saturday.

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