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Made in Tennessee: Samuel T. Bryant Distillery

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - This week’s Made in Tennessee is spotlighting Samuel T. Bryant Distillery. It is a family-owned business in the hub city serving up smooth drinks and a great time.

“We try to have something for everyone that will walk in that door because you never know what someone's taste is going to be,” said Sam Bryant, the Master Distiller at Samuel T. Bryant Distillery.

Samuel T. Bryant Distillery has been in operation for about five and a half years serving moonshine, tequila, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages.

“One of the great things about the distillery is that we see people here from all over the country and on normal circumstances all over the world. So, I can literally sit in one place and talk to people from other continents and everywhere else. That’s one of the more interesting things is that you never know who’s going to come through the door,” said Bryant.

During the height of the pandemic, the distillery had to switch gears and start producing hand sanitizer.

“They were required by the FDA to have it on-site so one-gallon jug of hand sanitizer in some cases if you didn’t have it could shut down an entire food processing plant, so we were in a position to help people out with that,” said Bryant.

The distillery sent hand sanitizer to hospitals, regular customers, and even nuclear power plants.

The owner of the distillery hopes to one day be able to expand his business to serve customers online.

“Well, what I am hoping is that Amazon will open up for liquor sales so I can sell online, or the state will back off the way liquors sales are right now because most sales have to go through stores. And we can’t really ship liquor. You can only ship wine, but you can’t ship liquor and I am really hoping that changes real soon,” said Bryant.

In the meantime, Samuel T. Bryant Distillery is serving customers seven days a week

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