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Made in Tennessee: Rachel's Attic

Milan, TN.

Rachel’s attic has been in business for about 3 months and is taking Milan by storm. With unique pieces that can only be found in Rachel’s Attic. This business is planning to be around for the long run, already breaking sales goals each week.

Chris Starnes (store co-owner) stated, “It’s been crazy. Sales have increased month over month. Today was actually a record sales day for any Sunday. We’ve done almost double any previous Sunday. It was kind of a good sales day today, and that’s becoming the standard.”

Booth renter Brenda Palmer told 39 news she’s been with the business since the beginning. One of her favorite parts of the job is being able to teach painting classes which take place periodically throughout each month.

Brenda Palmer (booth renter) informed us, “I do furniture painting for the public, I also do the classes in the back. We do a lot of the door hanger classes and furniture painting classes.”

Right now, Rachel’s Attic is full to the brim with booth renters. The store currently is the home for 299 renters.

Chris Starnes (store co-owner) explained, “we’ve got a waiting list started. We have a lot of people who want to get in here, but just don’t have the space. Nobody is wanting to move out. We’ve had maybe 10 total venders move out since we’ve started.”

Starnes favorite part about the business is giving opportunities to people in the community to grow their business.

Chris Starnes (store co-owner) stated, “we’ve given almost 300 people to have space to start their own business. That’s what excites me. We’ve got almost 300 small business owners. In a time when it’s tuff to have a small business.”

Though they are full right now you can be added to the waiting list by contacting


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