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Made in Tennessee: Phase II Adult Re-Entry and Free Hearts

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Phase II Adult Re-Entry Training Camp and Free Hearts are two non-profits that use their platforms to help formally incarcerated citizens re-enter the real world. They partner with different organizations that provide access to leadership development, job opportunities, and even shelter for those who may need it. Dawn Harrington (Phase II Adult Re-Entry) stated, “Phase II Re-Entry Training Camp is a 12-month intensive evidence-based program that is really wrapped around the entire person. We are committed to the success of people who are coming from incarceration.”

These programs aim to encompass all the services needed to help formally incarcerated citizens re-enter the world and fully restore their rights. One right that they advocate for is voting rights. Jeremy White (Free Hearts) informed us, “Free Hearts provides voter restoration, participatory defense, and leadership development. They work directly with individuals formally incarcerated, as well as, people out here in society.”

Their focus is to educate the community on voter suppression, redistricting, gerrymandering, and other injustices in the voting process. In 27 states felons lose complete voting rights even after serving their sentence. Tennessee is one of those states. Dawn Harrington (Phase II Adult Re-Entry) told 39 News, “I’ve been incarcerated before. So, I know sometimes there’s so many barriers and collateral consequences that are in front of you when you are just trying to come home and rebuild your life.”

After going through the free hearts program himself, white is now working with the Reimagine Reintegration Project with Vanderbilt Prison Project that is building a platform of formally incarcerated individuals to… Jeremy White (Free Hearts) emphasized that it would, “Bring awareness to the legislature, representatives, corporate and non-profits to bridge the gap in areas that they might not be seeing eye to eye.”

Currently Phase II Re-Entry training camp, free hearts, and eagle’s nest are on tour. They are traveling to rural areas that often times do not have access to these sorts of resources.

Makayla Davis

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