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Made in Tennessee Newspaper Tour: Humboldt Chronicle

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. (WNBJ) - For the months of April and May, we are highlighting our local newspapers for our Made in Tennessee segments.

For this week’s Made in Tennessee Newspaper Tour, we are spotlighting the Humboldt Chronicle. This newspaper has been serving the community for years and they are dedicated to capturing those special moments.

“Anything that’s happening in Humboldt, it’s news,” said Danny Wade, the Editor of the Humboldt Chronicle.

Danny Wade, the Editor of the Humboldt Chronicle, has been working at the paper since he was in high school and says local newspapers are so important because they are the heart of the town.

"The hometown newspaper still offers something that other papers aren’t able to offer and that’s local news. We have news about the high schools, we have news about the football team, basketball team, and the baseball team. We cover city board meetings, and we cover school board meetings,” said Wade.

Wade talks about one of the biggest stories he’s covered while at the paper.

“One of the biggest stories I covered over the past four to five years has been Tyson and them coming to Humboldt. To see this whole story, unfold right in front of my eyes and me being able to offer that to the people of Humboldt and the surrounding community, was probably the biggest," said Wade.

Kim Forbes, the Sales Manager with the paper, started out as a reporter but found her passion on the sales side of the business.

“It is just a lot of fun because I get out and interact with the community. I ask them how their businesses are doing. I kind of have my finger on the pulse of the community, I guess you could say and that helps me make good recommendations for them. Things I feel confident recommending for them,” said Kim Forbes, the Sales Manager of Gibson County Publishing.

Forbes also handles the Humboldt Chronicle website and says it’s a great success.

“Started looking at the numbers and the numbers grow every single month, but it is easily an audience over 3,500 people viewing a month. When you look at the fact that Gibson County has a population of 50,000 people that’s pretty impressive,” said Forbes.

Marvin Sikes, the Mayor of Humboldt, says he greatly appreciates the Humboldt Chronicle.

“Newspapers are still useful; they really are because it keeps the people here in the city plus the people that are moved off an opportunity to keep up with their hometown. Our newspaper here does such a good job. They really do,” said Mayor Marvin Sikes, the Humboldt Mayor.

The Humboldt Chronicle is published on Tuesdays and you also access articles on their website.

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