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Made in Tennessee: Martin's Catering and Event Center

The pandemic affected businesses small and large, especially in the catering and event industry. After one local business owner saw a drop in his catering opportunities, he opened his event center to help other business owners going through the same thing.

For the past couple of months, if you drove down East Chester Street in Jackson you probably saw a parking lot full of cars and vendors.

William Martin, the owner of Martin’s Catering and Event Center, and his family began pop up shops to help other local businesses bring in money during the pandemic.

“Trying to give back to the community. Giving people a place to come, set up. You know some of the small business owners don’t have anywhere to set up, so this gives them the opportunity to come here", says William's daughter-in-law, Shanice Martin.

Martin’s Catering and Event Center has served the Jackson community for over 25 years and this year they saw a drop in business, because a lot of large gatherings were cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

“But due to the pandemic that has affected him tremendously, but we still try to make a way to give back any type of way and if anyone still needs those services he can still provide those services". adds Martin.

They also hope the pop up shops bring more business back to the east Jackson community.

She adds, “normally nothing is being held over here in the east Jackson community so this is our way to get people to come over. I know some people may think the east Jackson community is just labeled as a bad community, which it is not".

Martin’s Catering and Event Center Made in Tennessee.

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