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Made in Tennessee: Local entrepreneur runs weight-loss business called 'More 24'

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Our Made in Tennessee spotlights a local entrepreneur who sells a popular weight loss product she uses herself.

Glenita Marshall is a Jackson native who is a newcomer to the entrepreneur world, with her business named More 24.

Marshall says she chose the name More 24 because the products make you feel like you are 24 again.

She has been operating her business and selling Nutra Burst products for five months.

“I sell the number one liquid multi-vitamin in the world it’s called Nutra-Burst. It’s one tablespoon of it equal to ten salads. A lot of people do not eat their vegetables and fruit like they're supposed to, so it is pretty cool to have that available,” said Glenita Marshall, Nutra Burst seller.

Marshall says the products provide a variety of health benefits ranging from your hair, skin, and much more.

“It is a full-body detox, and it helps with your overall healthy balance,” said Marshall.

Marshall says these products offer a total life change and she knows this firsthand.

“I have struggled to try to lose weight basically my whole life. I have tried some of everything to lose weight. Well with these products I started out at 340 and now I am at 260. So, I’ve lost over 80 pounds just in 5 months, off of three products that I take every day,” said Marshall.

The owner of More 24 says she always wanted to lend a helping hand to those in her community.

“The number one joy that I get out of selling these products is the fact I am helping people’s lives change for the better and that was what my goal was. It fills my heart up to be able to help people and that is all I ever wanted to do in my life. I just never knew exactly what I should do and then this opportunity was presented to me, and God told me to go ahead and do it. Ever since I started it has been unbelievable,” said Marshall.

If you are interested in purchasing the Nutra Burst products with More 24, she sells her products every Saturday at Cowboy Jim's Flea Market in Jackson.

You can also buy her products at the Jackson Entrepreneur Market happening Saturday, August 28th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Jackson.

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