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Made in Tennessee: Latham's


Restaurant, barbeque, butcher, and catering Latham's has been doing it all for nearly thirty years in Jackson.

Lathams off of north parkway wasn’t the first store that Paul Latham owned, the story begins before this building.

“I moved to Lexington in seventy-seven and ever since I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve had five different stores at one time. Now I’m down to the one. This one here has been operating since 1995 in this location,” says Paul Latham, owner.

Latham's offers an old-fashion butcher chop, also a full line of food that’s cook the old fashion way. We take great pride in everything we do, and our customers really appreciate that,” says Tim Throne, general manager.

This love the customers have for Lathams is reciprocated by paul Latham

He says, “customers, my customers are number one.”

Lathams has customers that come and eat breakfast every day. These loyal customers create a family tradition of going to Lathams.

and being here so long, we’ve seen peoples children grow up and then they're starting a tradition coming back and feeding their families for holidays or every weekly needs that they have,” says Tim Throne.

Lathams is open 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Breakfast at Latham's begins at six am. And lunch is served from 10 am to 2 pm

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