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Made in Tennessee: Jackson Stampede

A Tennessee organization is taking local football players to the next level and they are starting right here in the hub city.

The Jackson Stampede, a semi pro football team, began in October of last year.

The team is working with hidden gems scouting company out of Columbia, Tennessee to help local players find their next home.

“We’re here designed to help the players that aren’t the four and five star kids. There are plenty of colleges and places to go play. There is just knowing how and where and who to get there," says defensive coordinator for the team, Doug Williams.

Through drills and team practices some players hope to make it to college teams or the NFL.

Williams says he wants to give them the help he didn’t have at that age.

“I never had the chance, for some reason I see talent and I know it. And I help them, that’s all I can say," he adds.

90% of the team played high school football right here in jackson or in the surrounding areas like Humboldt native, Joey Hanes.

“Well I got hurt in high school, couldn’t play no more, when I got out here it felt like old times. So, that’s always nice," says Hanes.

Hanes says he just wants to play football being on the field gives him a break from reality.

“Going to work all week having that stress built up from home life to your work life, you can come out here,” he adds.

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