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Made in Tennessee: Famous Soul Food

HUMBOLDT, TN (WNBJ) - This week our Made in Tennessee is Famous Soul Food in Humboldt and they are celebrating their six-month anniversary.

The owner of the restaurant says that their faith in God is what carried them through the pandemic.

“I am just happy to be able to celebrate our six-month anniversary during this pandemic. A lot of people did not understand it, but I was obedient to God’s word that it was time for a Famous Soul Food place to come here in Humboldt, Tennessee,” said Mary Henderson, the owner of Famous Soul Food.

Henderson says part of her daily routine when she opens and closes her restaurant for the day is forming a circle of prayer with employees.

Tenth grader Shaylah Phinnessee credits Henderson for her growth spiritually and professionally.

Phinnessee plans to become a social worker after she graduates high school.

“First when I came here, I was very shy so like me talking to the customers, she has told me that I need to speak up and get out the shyness, so it’s helped me. But when I take orders and stuff I like to be loud and tell them what we have so it’s helping me to become a social worker,” said Shaylah Phinnessee, an employee at Famous Soul Food.

Not only does the restaurant serve customers that come in its doors, but it also focuses on outreach in the community.

“Through our ministries, we feed the homeless, we go out to different areas sometimes, we have a guy that comes by, and he knows a guy who lives under the bridge, we fix him a plate. So, we just constantly want to help others," said Henderson.

Henderson plans to open seven more Famous Soul Food restaurants in some of the surrounding counties.

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