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Made in Tennessee: Elle Tre

Elvia Trejo started crocheting at the young age of five.

“It was just me being curious to maybe even a nosey little girl saying ‘what are you doing, show me.’ thank god they had the patience and the skills to teach me. So, they slowly started with crochet, just the basics of how to hold the needles and everything", says Trejo.

She knew crocheting was something she loved to do and progressed to knitting and sewing many items.

“I always try to challenge myself so I went from beanies to skirts to dresses", she added.

Trejo moved to Jackson about five years ago and when the pandemic started she began to make masks since they were in high demand.

Those masks gave her the extra income she needed to save up and open her own store at the local in downtown Jackson.

“When I opened this store, I was like oh everything is not perfect to how I want it, but it has been a great thing watching my store grow. Like today, later on this afternoon we are going to get a whole scrunchie wall installed. So, it’s different from like my first month and different from the second months and god willingly a year from now it will look different because I’ve added", says Trejo.

She says so many opportunities have opened since her store doors opened like the most recent one of being apart of someone’s special day.

Trejo added, “so, I got hired to make my first wedding dress for a Jackson bride for 2021, so I’m very excited about that.”

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