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Made in Tennessee: Dynamix Physical Therapy


Russ Huffstetler and Heath Ladd went from strangers to friends to co-owners and CEO's of Dynamix physical therapy. After meeting each other they decided to open a physical therapy clinic because they saw a need for something new in the industry,

“We weren’t really pleased with the position that the industry was in and the level of service that was being provided so we wanted to provide something that was unique and different,” says Heath Ladd.

The first clinic opened in Milan Tnnesse in two-thousand and nine. Now it is the largest private practice in the state of Tennessee. Ladd and Huffstetler traveled all over the country and the world learning physical therapy techniques and practices.

“Our mentors are from Washington state, Michigan, New Zealand… so we brought that back to rural West Tennessee,” says Ladd.

Dynamix quickly grew to eleven clinics across west Tennessee

“We started expanding based on people, not based on locations or communities. So, our belief is that you empower the leader, let the leader dictate where they go, as opposed to us dictating where they go, and that’s where we open next,” Ladd says.

Jackson native Kathleen Ingalls emerged as a leader in the company and is now the director of the new Jackson Dynamix clinic,

“I’m most excited about being here in Jackson because these are the people that made me who I am, so it’s my teachers, my coaches, professors…it’s awesome to be able to finally serve those people that poured so much into me already," Ingalls says.

Ladd and Huffstetler focus on the happiness and health of their employees so that they enjoy working at Dynamix and serving customers.

Ingalls says, we’re just one big family, we support each other in work, outside of work. It's just a great supportive environment.”

Dynamix modifies its physical therapy on a person-to-person basis Ladd says that this is one of the things that makes them unique, “if you’ve had physical therapy in the past, successful or unsuccessful, I can promise you that the treatment you get here will be completely different from the treatment you’ve gotten in the past.”

Dynamix physical therapy is expanding their unique business model to another community in West Tennessee

Their twelfth clinic will open in Dyersburg in October.

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