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Made in Tennessee: Carroll County News-Leader

Huntingdon, TN. (WNBJ)- The Carroll County News-Leader has been a staple in the community for years. The newspaper has undergone several name changes, but Publisher Daniel Richardson says the quality of work has stayed the same. Daniel Richardson (Carroll County News-Leader Publisher) stated, “my parents bought Denis and Lisa Richardson got into the newspaper business when they bought their first newspaper in 1983. They bought the Carroll County Democrat, changing the name to Carroll County News. In 1992 they bought another paper in town The Carroll Leader and combined the two to make the Carroll County News-Leader.”

Growing up in the newspaper industry Daniel knew his destiny pretty young. His two brothers and mother now own and run the Magic Valley Publishing Company, where they have a total of 14 newspapers across West and Middle Tennessee and are continuing to expand. Daniel Richardson (Carroll County News-Leader Publisher) explained, “this print and press has been here for a long time. This was established as a cooperative between several area newspapers because they wanted to have somewhere nearby that they could print their newspapers.”

Daniel and his family purchased the print shop in January of 2021 and now are pursuing new business ventures. Daniel Richardson (Carroll County News-Leader Publisher) told 39 news, “we publish a few magazines with our company, but we started printing a magazine for a customer in Middle Tennessee. It’s called ‘Scoop’ and it’s a walk horse magazine.”

As the company continues to grow Daniel says their goal this year is to grow readership amongst residents in Carroll County. Daniel Richardson (Carroll County News-Leader Publisher) says, “local newspapers especially in your rural communities are essential in my opinion, to having a strong community, and I would ask everyone to support their local newspaper.”

Makayla Davis

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