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Made in Tennessee: Asia Garden

Jackson, TN.

Asia Garden has been a staple in the hub city since 1985. Known for their specialty rolls and entrees. Small businesses have an average life span of 2-5 years, but Asia Garden is going on year 37.

Eddie Yeh (Asia Garden Owner) stated, “Restaurants are exceptionally difficult to make work for such a long time. I don’t know if there’s any real secret to it, i think it’s just keeping your noise down, grinding it out, and being willing to work.”

Many businesses struggled to stay afloat during the covid-19 shutdown; Asia Garden found a way to keep business running better than ever.

Eddie Yeh (Asia Garden Owner) informed us, “it’s been a period of uncertainty that i haven’t dealt with before. We’ve been doing this for quite a while now. From the business side of it, anytime there’s this much uncertainty about what are the mandates going to be, what are the COVID numbers going to be, how do we take care of the employees, uncertainty is kind of a killer for a business owner.”

Owner yeh credit’s his success to his connection with the community.

Eddie Yeh (Asia Garden Owner) told 39 News, “we’ve grown with the community as Jackson has grown over the years. So, it’s always been an attitude of what’s good for the community is also good for us.”

Makayla Davis

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