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Longest Lunar Eclipse since 1440 will take place early tomorrow


Tomorrow morning while most people are sleeping the longest Lunar Eclipse since 1440 will occur.

“The crescent will move across the moon. Instead of the moon going dark it's going to be a blood-red color, very dramatic. This is a particle eclipse, it's 97%," says Holley Wood the coordinator at M.D Anderson Planetarium.

Holley wood the coordinator at M.D Anderson planetarium says this will begin at 1:16 am.

This eclipse is the longest since February 18, 1440, according to NASA, and will be the longest for over 600 more years.

“The maximum eclipse is at 3 around 3 o’clock and the end is at 4:47. The darkening will end at 6 o’clock," says Wood.

Wood has some tips on where to go to have the best view of the eclipse, "As dark as possible…get as far away from city lights as you can. With the moon being so bright and full though you probably can see it from your back yard.”

Wood says that how much of the eclipse you can see depends on one thing, now of course this all depends on clouds. If we have a cloudy night, you may not get to see a whole lot.”

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