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Local textile manufacturer hosts vaccination site in Humboldt

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - A textile manufacturer hosted a vaccination site in Gibson County today.

The Jones Family of Companies set up a vaccination site today in Humboldt for employees and also community members.

Jones Family of Companies is a textile company who manufactures mattress pads, other bedding items, box packaging, and also installation for packaging.

The company says they are proud to be able to provide this service to their employees and community.

“It’s just important because for no other reason at this point everyone knows someone who has been impacted by or even killed by this virus. Anything we can do to help keep our employees safe and also to help keep their families safe. We want to go the extra mile to do that,” said Mark Only, the Senior Human Resource Manager at the Jones Family of Companies.

Employees at Jones Family of Companies who got the COVID-19 vaccine also received some incentives.

“Extremely happy that Jones Company decided to go ahead and do that for their employees. Not only did they bring the health department here to provide shots for us, but also offered $100 gift cards to any employee who wanted to do it,” said Brian Lanier, the Plant Manager at the Jones Family of Companies.

The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine was administered at this vaccination site.

“At Jones Company it is not mandatory to take the shot, but we really appreciate that they have gone out their way to make sure everybody is protected at the company,” said Lanier.

Jones Family of Companies plans to host more vaccination events in the future.

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