Local residents react to the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Americans in the south may be experiencing long lines and supply shortages at the gas pump this week due to a cyberattack on a major U.S. fuel pipeline.

Across the southeast, people are dealing with the effects of the cyberattack by hackers on Colonial Pipeline. According to NBC News, Colonial Pipeline provides nearly half of the gasoline and fuel used on the east coast.

NBC says the ransomware attack last Friday left the pipeline company largely shut down. The states impacted by the cyberattack are North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, southern Virginia, and Tennessee.

In the local area, people reported seeing longer lines and some gas shortages, but things seem to be returning back to normal for some in the hub city.

“I went out yesterday afternoon after running around getting my children from school and there was quite a line, but after I saw the line, I thought I would just wait until today to come out and I don’t have any problems,” said Bethany Nerren, a Jackson resident.

Maggie Lundberg traveled from North Carolina to Tennessee yesterday and is starting to see some of the effects of the cyberattack.

“I didn’t know about it until today, but I actually drove home from college yesterday in Durham and I didn’t have any trouble then, but it seems like now it’s really hard to get gas today,” said Maggie Lundberg, a Jackson resident.

NBC says that Colonial Pipeline is expected to make a decision by the end of Wednesday on whether to fully restart the pipeline. However, it will still take a few days for the pipeline to ramp back up to normal production levels.

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