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Local rehabilitation center opens to the public, families get to see their loved ones

There is some plexi glass in the patio area of Trenton Health and Rehabilitation Center. That is where residents will be sitting for the first time to talk with their family members outside of the center.

Nearly 365 days that Dwayne and Kelly Reynolds have seen their relative that is a resident at the Center in Trenton.

“It’s been about a year. So, we are super excited we are doing everything under the CDC guidelines and things like that, but this is such a big day for us today because we are getting to have that interaction," says Clinical Liaison at the Center.

That’s how long residents in Trenton were talking with their family through windows and video calls.

The Reynolds visited Billie Miller, Kelly’s mother and Dwayne’s mother-in-law.

“Just overjoyed to be able to interact with her and see your face to face," says Dwayne.

It’s good for her too, you know it let’s her know we are still here," says Kelly.

They even brought some of her favorite snacks. Ding dongs.

“Mother loves her sweets. She has to have her sweets so we bring her sweets and the girls make sure she has them," adds Kelly.

The Center tried to reopen visitation in may last year, but had to stop due to rising COVID cases in the county.

They are still watching those numbers as they slowly reopen.

This week they have outdoor visits and next week they hope to start indoor visits with their residents family.

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