Local nonprofits provide assistance to those in need during wintry weather

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - With snow and a wintery weather mix arriving in Jackson as expected, resources like shelters and utility assistance are available to those who are homeless and in need.

“Without us in the community with the number, we serve that would be one more person on the street that wouldn’t have a warm place to stay,” said Fred McKinnie, the Dir. of Operations at Area Relief Ministries

Area Relief Ministries is a faith-based nonprofit that assists people who need housing. The nonprofit provides day shelters for women and men.

“Up here is our day center, we offer case management. We offer them referrals to jobs if they are looking for them. We have computer access and a washroom. We have showers and lockers they can store their stuff in our day center,” said McKinnie.

They also provide housing at night for men only through their Room in the Inn program.

The Salvation Army says they can assist people who need help paying utility bills because of increased usage.

“When there are unpredictable situations in life or weather systems that come in that make things kind of difficult where schools close and people have to shelter at home safely. We understand that that means families will be eating more at home or using more utilities and some families are not prepared to meet some of those expenses. That’s where the Salvation Army comes in,” said Lt. Mark Cancia, the Commanding Officer with the Salvation Army.

The Tennessee Homeless Solutions is another nonprofit that assists those needing housing across 23 counties in West Tennessee. They provide short- and long-term housing.

“We offer emergency shelter. We don’t operate a shelter, but we utilize hotels. So, right now we have 37 households in a shelter in Madison County. I believe we have another ten throughout the service area.” said Amy McDonald, the Executive Dir. with the Tennessee Homeless Solutions.

If you are in need of shelter, you are urged to visit the respective organization's websites.


- Tennessee Homesless Solutions:


- Salvation Army:


- Area Relief Ministries:


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