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Local non-profit hosts fundraiser to promote literacy

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - One non-profit in the hub city is doing its part to promote literacy.

The Madison County Imagination Library hosts its 7th Annual Books at the Barn drive to raise funds to continue providing books to children in the community.

“Literacy is something that is extremely important to us. Our mission again is to put books in hands,” said Martha Robinson, the Fundraising Chair with the Madison County Imagination Library.

The fundraising chair with the Imagination Library talks about the importance of early literacy.

“Studies show that children who read early are more successful throughout their academic career in elementary school, junior high school, and college. So, it is extremely important to increase the literacy rates among our children because that translates to literacy rates among adults as well,” said Robinson.

The chairman of the Madison County Imagination Library talks about what they do to promote literacy in Jackson and Madison County.

“We send one book a month to every child in Madison County until they reach the age of five. It helps us get a book in kid’s hands and encourage literacy from a young age,” said Brian Ferrell, the chairman of the Madison County Imagination Library.

The Imagination Library says the COVID pandemic has been a difficult time for non-profits and expresses gratitude for community support.

“The community partners have really stepped up and know that all non-profits are struggling right now or struggling through COVID. They have stepped up and given more money. We are very blessed and thankful for it,” said Ferrell.

The Imagination Library’s goal was to raise 30,000 dollars for its cause.

You can still donate by visiting the Imagination Library website.

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