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Local man starts his own delivery service after seeing a need in his community

After one west Tennessee man wanted to order food to be delivered and realized he couldn’t, he jumped into his car and started is own delivery business.

George Cobbs and his family moved to Paris, Tennessee after being in bigger cities for 20 years.

After asking an innocent question an idea to start a needed business came about.

“I said let’s order some ice cream from Sweet Jordan’s and the group I was with, kind of laughed at me and said you can’t do that here and the light bulb just came on," says Cobbs.

He began Take Out 2 You in early 2020. Once the pandemic hit his delivery service was in high demand with leaders urging people to stay home, but no other delivery companies in the area.

Cobbs added, “it became a major need, everyone was stuck at home, the elderly couldn’t go out, still can’t go out. So, it’s been a much needed service.”

But it did not always start that way.

“Initially it was a little bit of a struggle because we had to set the market, no one around here had really heard of food company. Um, so that was initial challenge," says Cobbs.

Right now the delivery company serves Paris, Martin, McKenzie, Union City, and Camden, Tennessee and Murray, Kentucky.

Cobbs says he hopes to expand his business to more of west Tennessee. Imani williams, 39 news, Paris.

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