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Local Hardware store sees lots of business on the first day of spring


It's been a chilly start to spring today, but that hasn't stopped lots of people from going to Ace Hardware to get all the things they need for the warmer season ahead.

“This is the time of year. Our business usually picks up and we should get really busy. We've been fairly busy even now, but it will get even more busy," Ace Manager Cricket Wallsmith said.

Wallsmith said people have been coming in to get things for their gardens, “They've been coming in to get fertilizer seed out. They're running the trenches aloft. We have two printers that they ran and they're using those also for gardens and things like that, too."

Although spring has begun, Ace Hardware is waiting for the weather to get warmer to bring in live plants, “Well, there will be flowers and there will be vegetables, and then we'll have tomatoes, probably cucumbers, peppers…. It'll be a big load when it comes," Wallsmith said.

Ace says their plants will sell out quickly since so many are excited about the warm weather ahead.

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