Local grocery store expands for online shopping

Grubb’s Grocery has a new location here in Jackson, specifically for online orders; the owner says this new addition is necessary as online orders increase.

Located in North Jackson on bowling drive, customers can swing through and pick up their groceries in a jiffy.

“It’s been going great so far; online orders are strong,” said Chris Felder, the owner of Grubb’s Grocery.

Grocery shopping online has been a popular feature for a few years but increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Felder says they have been working on this new addition for about a year.

“We’ve been working on getting a store online for about a year now, and with the pandemic, it sort of sped that process along because more people want a touch-free safer alternative to shopping,” said Felder.

Nationally, grocery stores have seen an upward spiral of 18 percent. Although restaurants are open, many consumers are still buying groceries and cooking at home.

“Absolutely, sales have picked up because people now have an alternative from in-store shopping. So we tracked our sales from both in-store and curbside, and online shopping is very strong,” said Felder.

The five-year-old supermarket opened to bring products that were only in other cities.

“Jackson was sort of underserved by the current offerings of the supermarkets they have here. And so we saw a need to fulfill that service with offerings that do exist in other cities like Memphis and Nashville”. Said Felder.

As the company has customers in other nearby cities, they also expanded to north Jackson to cut down on travel time for those consumers.

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