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Local grammy nominated artist LOLO becomes partner with label, plans to move a branch to Jackson



After releasing two albums and an EP on No Reverse Records, Jackson's very own “LOLO” has become a partner with the label.

Now they are planting roots in the Hub City- the New York-based label is building a full-service branch in Jackson!

“It feels like the right time to not only honor the history, but remind people that we are still in the current now a relevant place to the modern music industry,” LOLO said.

Co-founder Ashley Kate Adams believes Jackson is the kind of place that no reverse records wants to be

“What is so cool here is the things that you cannot manufacture like like the talent and the drive and honestly, the community support. You can’t make that up. That's here," No Reverse Records co-founder Ashley Kate Adams said.

Adams says the new branch will be in downtown Jackson, “We're really proud to offer our independent artists everything from the development through the production and the distribution and the promotion stage.”

LOLO says that No Reverse Records offers freedom that most labels don’t, “The wonderful thing about this no reverse world that we're building is a world where artists still 100% own their things and we support them in their venture….it's about building a world for our artists where they have the option to do things however they want to do them.”

As a partner, LOLO says she will work with artist development and production, “We have artists that we're going to be working with that are not just from literally Jackson, they'll be from all over. So some of those artists, they'll want to record where they are, the cities that they're based in, and then sometimes they're going to be coming here and recording,”

LOLO and Adams believe the label is going to make an impact on the community in Jackson

“It's going to create kind of a ripple in the community. We're not only refocusing on the act of artists that are on our roster but bringing up the ones to come," Adams said.

LOLO wants to see the label active in the community, even outside the studio

“Creating some kind of live concert experience where they can experience that artist as they're working through that current new material and recording it, which I think is again, a one of a kind thing that does not always get to happen in that our Jackson and West Tennessee community is going to reap the benefits of," LOLO said.

No Reverse Records isn’t waiting until the branch opens in Jackson to continue its work.

The label has an album coming out soon and promises more things are in the works for this spring in Jackson.

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