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Local Funeral Home is overwhelmed with COVID related memorial services

The Coronavirus is tremendously impacting funeral homes, and the owner of Bledsoe Funeral home in Jackson tells me he’s overwhelmed by the number of deaths he has seen this year.

“I’ve seen many changes that have taken place, but none as impactful as the pandemic,” said Sean Bledsoe, the third-generation owner of the business.

The eighty-year-old family-owned business saw a significant increase in calls this year and had to change how they serve clients and their families.

“Currently, we have seen over a 20, 25 percent increase in calls. We also had to change the way that we serve our families has changed too. For public safety, we limit the number we allow in the building,” said Bledsoe.

As the CDC highly recommends social distancing, many Bledsoe’s funerals have a maximum of 20 attendees at their facility or graveside service.

Because of the restrictions on large gatherings, many of Bledsoe’s clients choose to cremate their loved ones.

“Because of covid, people are genuinely looking at that option because of cost savings, and the attitude is if i can’t have this big celebration, why should I pay to have a celebration of life.”

The new way of memorializing loved ones has taken a toll on families and friends.

“Yes, they do have some form of closure, but it’s not like the support of the wider community and the friends that support and put their arms around you,” said Bledsoe.

“As the number of deaths surge, the Bledsoe’s expect more patrons to call. Like many other funeral homeowners, they are hopeful things get better, so families get the closure they deserve.

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