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Local Foster Care Seeks Donations for School Supplies and Uniforms

JACKSON, Tn.-Madison County has a total of 72 children in foster care. The Madison County Foster Association will be providing school uniforms and supplies for over 40 of them. They need the help of the community to prepare these children for the upcoming school year.

The Madison County Foster Association reports that these children came into foster care through no fault of their own. Rather, due to abuse or neglect, the state of Tennessee felt that removal from their home would be the best way to protect them.

They explained that children often enter a foster family with only the clothes they are wearing. Leaving the foster parents to supply them with school uniforms and supplies.

Over half of the foster children in Madison County will be starting school in the next month. 42 of them have requested uniforms and supplies.

The Madison County Foster Association is asking the community to show these children that they are loved where they live.

Renae Adelsberger, President of the Madison County Foster Parent Association says, “Giving out school supplies and uniforms to our children in foster care has become a highlight of our entire year.”

To donate school uniforms, you can visit and all monetary donations are accepted on this website or any Bank of Jackson branch.

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