Local family owned farm is heavily impacted by the Pandemic

Agriculture has been affected by covid-19, and one farmer here in Jackson tells me that supply chains are down for equipment, and it is nearly impossible to make an appointment at a butcher shop.

“As everyone watched, there was supposedly and meat shortage and a beef shortage just like everywhere else,” said Scott Woolfolk of Woolfolk Farms.

The shortage for beef continues, and the demand increases, making it difficult for farmers like Scott Woolfolk to get into the butcher shops. He’s been dealing with this all year, and as there are fewer shops in this part of the country, it does not look like he’ll get an appointment anytime soon.

“And it was almost virtually impossible. The butcher that we do business with does not have an available date in 2021. He’s already booked for next year,” said Woolfolk.

Before the covid-19 pandemic, the wait time was about three weeks. Another issue is getting a hold of equipment.

“The biggest problem we’ve had due to covid is the supply chain. this started in March; we’ve had a huge problem getting a hold of parts, the availability of the supply chain for agricultural parts has been affected considerably,”

This year the family-owned farm celebrates over 150 years. This is not the first time they’ve dealt with a recession. Scott Woolfolk is confident they’ll get through this as farming is their lifestyle.

“We are going to make it. Agriculture is unlike any other industry. People who do it, most of them don’t do it as a job; they do it as a lifestyle. When it’s your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle of six, seven generations, you’ll figure out how to make it work.

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